Basement Floor Fixing

Don't Waste Money on Half-Measures

Many people don’t know that the basement floor of their home does not form part of the structure of their house and that the floor can be raised,  just like their driveway!

If you can feel the floor starting to sink in your basement, you should fix it right away.  Floor drains can be damaged by sinking slabs, and once the drain pipe is broken, the only way to fix it is to bust up the floor, dig down, and replace the section of broken pipe.  This will cost way more than raising the slab, or even using Deep FoamJection to stabilize the ground under the slab to prevent it from sinking at all.

Is the floor showing signs of bouncing when equipment and vehicles drive over it? If so, this will lead to a damaged or collapsed slab eventually. Let us fill the area under the slab with our strong, durable foam to eliminate the bouncing and keep the floor in its original strong condition. AND, don’t forget, that we have the ability to do the work using our dust management tools so that the interior of your building doesn’t get covered in dust and debris.

Look for these signs of a sinking basement floor:

  • Has water on the floor started to flow away from the floor drains?
  • Is the wood/laminate floor feeling ‘bouncy’ or has it started to sag?
  • Do you see a gap that has developed between the floor and the walls?
  • Is the tile on the floor cracking?
  • If you have chairs or appliances on wheels, do they start to roll away on their own?
  • Does it feel like you’re walking slightly uphill or downhill in areas of the basement?

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Don't Waste Money on Half-Measures

Some people believe that the answer to a sinking basement floor is to pour a topping over it, but this doesn’t solve the root problem of the fact that your slab has sunk and may continue to do so.  Once your slab starts to sink, it will start to crack and continue to do so with time. The only way to make sure that your slab maintains its strength and structure, is to get support underneath it with our foam material.  This is the best, cost reasonable, option out there. Let us help you with your problem.

Person injecting polyurethane under a large concrete floor slab.

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