Municipal Infrastructure Repair with Polyurethane Foam

Municipal Infrastructure Repair with Polyurethane Foam

Ensuring that your roads, highways, and other public infrastructure is an important responsibility for municipalities. Concrete is often used for municipal infrastructure projects because it's long-lasting and durable but not invincible. Over time concrete slabs can settle and sink, posing safety hazards for residents. It's essential that municipalities fix sinking and settled concrete slabs as soon as possible to ensure that places where residents walk and drive are fully functional and free from hazards. If your municipality has concrete slabs that are sunken or settled, you may be wondering how to fix them. Quattro has the solution for you, polyurethane foam jacking! Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is considered the most effective way to repair sunken concrete slabs. It's fast, long-lasting, and has many benefits over traditional concrete levelling methods, such as mudjacking. If you're wondering why polyurethane concrete levelling is the best option for municipal infrastructure repair, keep reading!

What is Polyurethane Concrete Levelling?

Road, highway and municipal concrete slabs are common targets for sinking and settling. These areas are often subject to heavy traffic, the natural freeze/thaw cycle and soil erosion. This combination can lead to sunken or settled surfaces that are unsafe for driving or walking on. Polyurethane concrete raising is the ideal solution to this problem. The process is fast and efficient, and smaller jobs can be completed in as little as one day. We start by drilling dime-sized holes in the top of the sunken slab. We then inject the polyurethane foam beneath the sunken slab, where it expands and lifts it back to its original level. Once the slab is lifted, we patch the holes, and the work is done! Polyurethane foam cures quickly, and the area is ready for use almost immediately. This benefit makes polyurethane foam ideal for municipal infrastructure repair.

Polyurethane Foam is Environmentally Friendly.

In addition to making your municipality safer, polyurethane foam is environmentally friendly. When you use polyurethane foam to lift and level concrete, you are doing your part for the environment. Our polyurethane foam is made from partly recycled materials and contains no toxic chemicals. Once cured, it is completely inert, so it won't release harmful chemicals into the air or soil. Lifting sunken concrete with polyurethane foam also keeps old slabs out of landfills! These environmentally friendly benefits make polyurethane foam jacking perfect for municipalities that want to be more environmentally conscious.

Polyurethane Foam is Strong and Long-Lasting

Polyurethane foam is strong and durable, making it an excellent choice for lifting large sunken or settled concrete slabs like highways or roads. Because it was designed to lift and support concrete slabs, it is more than capable of supporting the load of roads or highways. It's so strong it can even be used to lift entire buildings! Polyurethane foam is also long-lasting. Generally, it is a permanent solution to sunken and settled concrete slabs. It is resistant to water and the elements. It won't deteriorate if excess water is present in the ground, and once it is installed, it will not shrink or change shape when the weather changes! These benefits will save municipalities money on maintenance and replacement costs in the future!

Why Polyurethane Concrete Levelling?

Polyurethane foam concrete lifting is the most effective method for repairing sunken or settled concrete slabs. It can be used to lift concrete such as roads, bridges and other municipal structures to restore them to their original height and surface condition. This type of polyurethane foam concrete lifting is faster than traditional methods like mudjacking because it dries faster and lasts longer! Polyurethane foam will also provide more structural support than mudjacking. Mudjacking uses a concrete slurry to lift sunken slabs. Because of this, slabs lifted with the mudjacking method are likely to sink and settle again. Polyurethane foam is the superior concrete lifting and levelling method.

Quattro Contracting is a Canadian-owned and operated business with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We've earned our reputation for quality, integrity, and environmental friendliness in each project. Quattro Contracting has experience working with municipal infrastructure repair. As contractors specializing in polyurethane concrete lifting and levelling, we know what it takes to make your municipal infrastructure safe for everyone who uses it. Our team is always on hand to answer any questions you might have about our products or services. Contact us today to learn how we can make your municipal infrastructure safer!