What is Foam Jacking and How Long Does it Last?

What is Foam Jacking and How Long Does it Last?

Concrete levelling is the process of lifting sunken or settled concrete surfaces back into their original position. Concrete levelling can resurface driveways, sidewalks, basement floors, and other concrete surfaces. Concrete lifting has become increasingly popular because it's a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to repair or maintain your concrete slabs. The two main lifting and concrete leveling methods are polyurethane foam jacking and mudjacking. Both methods have their benefits, but how long the repair will last has more to do with ensuring the original cause of the sinking concrete has been addressed. At Quattro, we specialize in polyurethane foam jacking as an alternative to mudjacking. Let us tell you why!

Foam jacking is a concrete lifting method commonly referred to as polyurethane concrete raising, poly jacking, poly levelling, slab lifting and other similar names. Foam jacking was derived from the traditional concrete levelling method of mud jacking. This concrete levelling method uses new knowledge and technology, providing an innovative lifting and stabilizing solution. Foam jacking uses dime-sized holes and is an ideal repair method for settled concrete slabs with surface treatments and decorative coatings. 

A common question we get at Quattro is, how long will foam jacking last? No one wants to invest in a temporary fix that doesn't solve the problem. One of the best benefits of lifting concrete with polyurethane is its durability. In most cases, polyurethane foam jacking is a permanent solution. The polyurethane foam Quattro uses to lift concrete will last through your lifetime and beyond. It is hydro-phobic, meaning it is not susceptible to water in the ground and won't deteriorate over time. Polyurethane foam doesn't break down in extreme temperatures and is resistant to fungus. Once it sets, it is a completely inert, solid material impervious to water, insects, rodents, or erosion. However, if the cause of the settling isn't taken care of, the problem may arise again. As an added benefit, we offer polyurethane ground stabilization services to stabilize the ground beneath your concrete slab so no further sinking will occur. 

Foam jacking offers many benefits over traditional concrete leveling methods like mudjacking. A significant benefit of polyurethane foam jacking is that it doesn't require heavy equipment. Foam jacking is a fast and easy process. Depending on the size of the job, it can be finished within a day, and the area can be used again almost immediately. Foam jacking is also environmentally friendly. It is made partly of recycled materials and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals that can contaminate the ground. Another environmentally friendly benefit of foam jacking is that it eliminates old concrete slabs ending up in landfills. Polyurethane foam jacking is a cost-effective and long-lasting option for people who want to avoid replacing their concrete slabs.

Polyurethane foam jacking is one of the best and most innovative concrete lifting and levelling solutions available. The process usually takes about a day, and the cost varies depending on the size of the affected area. At Quattro Contracting Inc., we are experts in concrete repair. We provide service to customers across Southern Ontario. We specialize in Polyurethane Injection for Slab Raising, Soil Stabilization and Water Leak Sealing. The polyurethane foam we use at Quattro is strong, environmentally friendly, and HMI certified, so you know you can count on the quality. Mudjacking can be an effective technique, but because the slurry contains concrete, it can shift over time and cause mudjacking to fail. Polyurethane foam jacking is a more long-lasting and advanced method of lifting settled and sunken concrete slabs. 

When you work with Quattro Contracting Inc., you work with experienced concrete lifting professionals who provide top-quality service to homeowners, construction companies and industrial clients. We offer a limited two-year warranty and a satisfaction guarantee on all concrete repair services. We're proud to deliver quality every time, from small jobs to large-scale projects. Even the most challenging projects are a breeze for our expertly trained staff to handle. If you're considering polyurethane foam jacking, contact the experts at Quattro today!