When is the Best Time to Have Concrete Levelled?

When is the Best Time to Have Concrete Levelled?

Concrete is well known as a very durable building material that will last for years. But, it's also susceptible to damage due to environmental factors like the natural freeze/thaw cycle, heavy rains that lead to excess groundwater and soil erosion. If the concrete slabs around your home or business have begun to sink or settle and you notice any cracks or uneven surfaces, you should have them fixed as soon as possible. Sunken slabs don't just look bad; they can pose safety hazards. Luckily we specialize in the best concrete lifting method available! Polyurethane concrete lifting! You might be wondering, when is the best time to have concrete levelled? Let the experts at Quattro Contracting tell you!

When is the best time to have concrete levelled?

We recommend having your concrete lifted in the summer or fall. Polyurethane foam will hold up in all weather conditions; the more significant issue is the soil. During the winter months, the soil will freeze and hold onto any moisture present, causing it to expand. During the natural thaw cycle in the spring, the water melts and causes the soil to shrink. This can cause the soil under your concrete slab to shift and settle more, even if the slab has been levelled. These conditions are less likely to present in the summer and fall, making them an ideal time to have your concrete lifted and levelled. 

What is the best way to lift sunken and settled concrete?

Quattro's innovative polyurethane foam concrete lifting process is the best way to lift and level sunken and settled concrete slabs. We will begin by drilling small holes in the concrete slab and injecting an expanding polyurethane foam below the concrete slab to lift it back into its original position. Once the process is complete, we fill the holes, and the area is ready for use almost immediately. Raising concrete with polyurethane foam is fast, efficient, and generally a permanent solution to repairing sunken concrete slabs. 

The polyurethane foam we use at Quattro is not affected by extreme temperatures and is hydrophobic, meaning it will not be affected if there is excess water in the soil. It is also environmentally friendly! Polyurethane foam is made partly of recycled materials. It doesn't contain toxic chemicals that can seep into the ground around it. Repairing concrete with polyurethane foam is much cheaper than replacing the concrete, making it the ideal solution for all of your concrete repair projects.

Having your concrete lifted in the summer or fall is ideal.

Soil compaction and movement paired with the freeze-thaw cycle can leave concrete slabs unsafe, unsightly, and unlevel. Winter weather and the limited ability to perform outdoor repairs will often leave many homeowners with unpleasant surprises when spring comes, which is why we suggest having it done in the summer or fall. Once thawing occurs, some concrete slabs may resettle into place, but the damage is often done, leaving pieces of the concrete slab out of place. If the area doesn't look too bad, many homeowners or business owners ignore it until the problem becomes more apparent. But the longer you wait to have it repaired, the worse problems will get, and you will likely need to replace your concrete! We recommend having your concrete lifted and levelled as soon as you notice a problem to avoid more costly repairs and possible injuries. 

If you notice sinking and settling concrete slabs around your home or business, give the experts at Quattro Contracting a call. We are experts in lifting concrete with polyurethane foam, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete lifting methods such as mudjacking. At Quattro, we are committed to using environmentally friendly products and innovative practices in our services. We will help you complete your concrete lifting project quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption and environmental impact! Contact us today for all your concrete levelling needs!