There are many reasons why business owners should consider levelling and repairing their concrete. One reason is to make their business and commercial property safer. If you have an uneven parking lot or sidewalk, it can be challenging to walk on, leading to severe accidents. Another reason to level and repair concrete is for accessibility. You'll want to make sure clients can get out of your parking lots in the event of heavy rains. If your concrete is uneven, you might end up flooding, which could result in severe damage to customers' cars or the property foundation. Finally, levelling concrete can be beneficial for customer enticement. 
We encounter many property owners who lack the funds or don't know that concrete repair and levelling is a simple and affordable fix. We help them understand that our concrete contractors will resolve their problem with fill material and a few hours of work, and they can forget about the problem. Our polyurethane concrete lifting offers stress relief and a perfectly smooth surface like your concrete is new again. We help them save money and time, and they usually forget about the problem.

Commercial Building

Polyurethane concrete raising is easier and faster, unlike mudjacking, a somewhat invasive concrete raising method. We utilize a polyurethane concrete raising process that pumps special pressurized polyurethane and injects it into the concrete slab's void space. Polyurethane expands inside the void, filling it to stabilize the concrete slab. Return your slab to its original level and halt the sinking and settling of the concrete.

If you are getting concrete work done on your home, there are some questions you should ask before, during, and after the concrete lifting process is complete. Will the concrete work be completed on time? Is there a team of skilled professionals who know what they are doing? And, of course, how much does the job cost? Some of these concrete questions are easier to answer than others, and we will review all the answers specific to your job onsite. Sometimes, homeowners ask about what to expect during the job. It is important to remember that concrete work is an aesthetic improvement as well as a functional one.

A cracked concrete surface can get worse quickly if you do not repair it quickly. Commercial concrete slabs that aren't even are liability risks because injuries happen when customers aren't paying attention. Property owners and business owners alike know that they should address problems before they become urgent. Be proactive when it comes to maintenance. Don't let problems get out of control. Concrete slab crack and foundation crack open your property up to water, and we know your business and commercial space do not need this kind of headache. If water starts pooling and rising, the first thing to inspect the foundation for is cracks, leaks, or other damage. The key is to fix any issues before water can penetrate the foundation and cause further damage. Moisture speeds up, settling the ground beneath your slab.

So, why is your concrete settling? "Chunks of soil may have formed beneath the slab if the concrete formed when it was cold or wet outside. Property owners could avoid these chunks if the formation of the slab used sand. When the soil dries, everything shrinks and pulls away from the concrete, thus causing "settling." The settling gets even worse when foundations are poured on bedrock because the shifting of the ground creates settling. Concrete can also settle if the contractors who poured the slab didn't properly compact the ground. Also, elements like rain, snow, and wind all play a huge role. Also, one dry season causes the trees, vegetation, and ground to dry out the "chunks." When it comes down to it, though, the reason for settling is many, but in our eyes, the resolution is but one - polyurethane.

Our concrete contractors specialize in telling you what your options are now that your concrete is compromised. Quattro Contracting will provide you with a detailed cost breakdown that covers our services and materials. We work quickly so that our concrete lifting and levelling services won't inconvenience your operations and clients! At Quattro Contracting, we'll provide you with an accurate estimate after answering all your questions. If you are interested in looking into polyurethane concrete raising, we are the professionals for your commercial space. We offer free estimates on our concrete services, and we also provide warranties on all of our work.


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Transportation Company Office Soil Stabilize and Slab Raise

Transport Company Office Stabilization

We helped a transportation company with an issue they were having. The builder of the company's building had constructed a corner of it on poor soil that caused it to settle. We got their building back up and running, and now they're as good as new!
One of the things that our client didn't realize when they hired this contractor is that when you hire a piling contractor to install helical piles and supports for raising the foundation, they're not guaranteed to be successful in raising the foundation.
As a result of the foundation settlement, our team had to stabilize the ground inside the building. Now we're back on track and raising the floor back up to its original position!
Within a few hours, our concrete repair specialists stabilized the ground and raise the floor slab right back up to its original position without any interruption to our client's business. In addition, the client was able to restore their furniture immediately upon completion of our work.
When our client asked about the cost of stabilizing his foundation, we reassured him that there were less expensive options available. If he had called us at the time, we would have performed the same job for 10% - 15% of the price.

Thermal Imaging

The client also hired a company to monitor our work using a thermal imagery camera. The photos show the heat below the slab at the injection points. The process creates heat during the foam expansion process. The photos show just how much foam has expanded around the injection point.