Municipal Concrete Lift & Levelling

Municipal infrastructure such as sidewalks, highways, public buildings and sewer systems can be susceptible to soil settling and concrete erosion. If left untreated, these problems can pose severe hazards to the people in your town or city. Municipalities are responsible for maintaining these public places. Still, your annual budget may not cover the cost of replacing a large number of concrete slabs, an entire building walkway, or a new highway. Quattro Contracting offers innovative solutions that can restore your municipalities infrastructure as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative to replacement. The work can also be completed quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to your town's public grounds.
Polyurethane concrete lifting is an excellent solution for treating several problems commonly seen in municipal areas. Highways, for example, are exposed to various elements daily, including rain, ice and snow. The elements can contribute to soil displacement or root invasion, creating uneven or raised roads, a liability for any municipality. Our concrete experts can level the highway in a fast and professional manner, whether you need a small or large section repaired. We can also use polyurethane foam to repair maintenance holes, drains, and ditches. These types of projects used to have to be excavated to be repaired. Excavation can be a lengthy and costly process and dangerous in some situations. Polyurethane concrete lifting is cheaper, quicker, and safer than excavating.


Everything that makes polyurethane foam great for residential or commercial concrete lifting applies to municipalities as well. The curing time is fast, and other methods may take longer to complete. Polyurethane foam has tensile and comprehensive strength that is directly proportional to the density of the foam, making it a very durable material. Polyurethane foam is also hydro-insensitive, meaning it can be injected into wet soil and even water. It won’t erode and can resist water from interfering with the chemical reaction that causes the mixture to become foam.
If you are looking into getting concrete work done within your municipality, there are some things you want to consider before, during, and after the concrete lifting process. Will the concrete repair project be completed quickly? Will a team of skilled professionals be completing the work? And, how much will the project cost? We will review all the answers to these questions specific to your job onsite with you. It is important to remember that municipal concrete work is a functional improvement and also improves the safety of the residents.
Before concrete surfaces become too dangerous to walk or drive on, they need to be repaired. It is best to fix problems before they get out of control or have the chance to cause severe damage or injury. This preventative measure will help avoid injuries for which the municipality may be liable. If you notice any damaged infrastructure, call our concrete professionals for an inspection so we can help you fix things before any significant damages or injuries are caused!
Sometimes, we are asked, "why is the concrete settling?" If the soil was wet when backfilled, a foundation made from dry materials would form chunks of soil, creating problems later, particularly for roads. Concrete poured on bedrock will shift; this occurs more frequently than you think. Other factors can cause the ground to shift, like soil type and how it reacts to temperature differences like rain, snow and wind. Soil destabilization and roots are the leading causes of many municipal concrete-related issues. There are many reasons why the concrete is settling. We would need to inspect the site to determine which one applies, but we offer free estimates for all concrete repair projects.
Municipalities may require many different concrete repair options such as levelling floors in arenas and municipal buildings, the elimination of voids under concrete slabs, lifting and levelling sidewalk slabs or removing driving hazards on highways and bridges. Our contractors can complete these projects expertly with little to no disruption to municipal services. Quattro Contracting provides you with a detailed cost breakdown covering our services and materials. Being transparent with costs is important, especially if you're dealing with something as crucial as municipal services! At Quattro Contracting, we're dedicated to providing you with an accurate estimate and answering any questions you might have about the process. If you are interested in polyurethane concrete raising for your municipalities needs, contact us today! We offer a free estimate for our services, and our warranty policy backs our work.


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