Concrete Crack Injection

Cracks in concrete will often start small and get bigger the longer they go unrepaired. A crack is a sign that water can reach the interior of your concrete slab, and this will lead to severe damage over time. Cracks allow moisture to seep in, which can cause corrosion of any metal embedded in your slab. It also lets air and soil into the inside of the concrete, which weakens it and can eventually cause cracks to appear in other places on your slab. You may think that there’s nothing you can do about these cracks, but that’s not true!


What is concrete crack injection?

Polyurethane concrete crack injection is a process that injects a polyurethane resin into the concrete through a crack or hole in the slab. The polyurethane resin hardens and fills the crack, protecting the concrete from water and other substances that would weaken it. Polyurethane concrete crack injection is a great way to fix cracks in your concrete, and it’s also a less costly solution than replacing your entire slab.