Water Treatment Facilities

Maintaining a water treatment facility is crucial for any municipality.

Water Treatment Facilities Improved Process

Maintaining a water treatment facility is crucial for any municipality. Water treatment facilities are subject to harsh environments that contribute to cracks and settling. Many water treatment facilities use tanks made of reinforced concrete and require crack waterproofing. Over time, reinforced concrete can become corroded due to dissolved salts in the water penetrating through the concrete and destroying the passivating layer that protects the steel inside. Concrete corrosion can cause cracks that make the problem worse. Settling can also be an issue for water treatment facilities. Changing weather can cause the ground to shift and cause cracks in the foundation, walls, or even the tanks. Quattro Contracting's polyurethane concrete lifting and filling services are long-lasting fixes that will ensure your municipalities water treatment facility stays in perfect working order.

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What are the benefits for polyurethane on water treatments facilities?

Polyurethane crack injection is a better alternative to epoxy injection crack repair. Polyurethane concrete waterproofing injection crack repair uses non-toxic materials, so there is no worry of dangerous chemicals seeping into the water or the ground. Epoxy injection crack repair uses epoxy resins which are considered non-toxic at low levels, but due to the vast sizes of municipal facilities such as water treatment plants epoxy may need to be used in large quantities. The processes we employ are quick to ensure minimal disruption to services during the repairs. Our polyurethane concrete repair services are environmentally friendly and cost-effective, making them ideal for water treatment plants and other municipal facilities.