Professional Concrete Slab Raising Repair

The Quattro Contracting Inc. team are experts in concrete repair working for clients across Southern Ontario. Our specializations focus on Slab Raising.

Slab Raising for Residential Concrete Repair Slab raising, also known as slab jacking, mud jacking or concrete lifting, is a method of repairing sunken or uneven concrete slabs by injecting a mixture of grout or foam underneath them.

This process can restore the level and stability of concrete structures such as driveways, patios, sidewalks, pool decks and garage floors.

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Diagram showing a sunken slab being raised with HMI foam

What is Slab Raising?

Slab raising is a process that allows a sunken concrete slab to be releveled. The process involves pumping a substance, in our case lightweight polyurethane foam, under the slab to raise it back to level.

There are a number of reasons why concrete may settle over time:

  • Poor compaction of the area when the concrete was laid can lead to the slab sinking over time
  • Erosion can carry away the soil beneath the slab
  • Drought can cause some soils to shrink creating a void
  • In industrial settings, the presence of heavy machinery and even the vibrations from nearby highways can cause slabs to sink over time

No matter the reason for the settling the most cost-effective solution is slab raising.

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Susy F
Susy F

We had a pretty significant dip on our walkway that presented a tripping hazard so we had Quattro come and level out the cement. What an amazing job! Paul was prompt, courteous and extremely knowledgeable. Our walkway is as good as new and I don't have to worry about anyone tripping anymore! We are very happy with the work and highly recommend their services.


Quattro Contracting recently raised two concrete slabs for us. We found their service to be prompt and friendly. They fully explained what they were going to do, arrived on time and stuck to the original estimate. We were very pleased with their work. 

Dave T
Dave T

Just thought I'd share that we had our basement sealed and waterproofed by Quattro Contracting Inc. located here in Erin and they were awesome. Very professional, very friendly, pricing was more than fair and they took a lot of pride in their work. If you have issues with water coming into your house I would highly recommend reaching out to them.

Ruth H
Ruth H

Over the last few years, our front steps had been gradually sinking and tipping forward which was pulling the porch railings out of position. We had been putting off repairing this because we assumed that the repair would include demolishing the front step with a jackhammer, concrete forms, and a cement truck to pour the concrete, then repairing the brick driveway, and installing new porch railings. By good luck, I found Quattro Contracting’s website and contacted Paul to see if our situation would be one that he would take on. Luckily it was and he arrived to do the job exactly when he said he would. Two holes were drilled through the step and material was pumped underneath the step which raised it up. Paul skillfully put in exactly enough to raise the step to the original position. When the job was complete the original porch railings fit exactly into place, the driveway bricks were not disturbed and there was no mess or clutter. What more can anyone ask? We would definitely recommend Quattro Contracting in any similar situation.

MariaTadeusz Gorecka
MariaTadeusz Gorecka

"Very responsive, good quality work, good value for money. They lifted a sagging corner of my concrete patio so that water drains again away from the house. Thanks, Paul!"