Quattro Offers Epoxy Flooring Services For Garages, Warehouse, Home interior, or office.

Have you been searching for a flooring system for your garage, warehouse, home interior, or office? Epoxy flooring is an exceptional option to consider. It’s customizable, highly durable, and resistant to high levels of wear and tear.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

This long-lasting flooring is a coating that consists of two parts; polymer resins and hardeners.

When mixed together and applied to a concrete floor, the resin and hardener bond with each other and the floor. This creates a sturdy, plastic surface that is exceptionally durable.

Is There A Difference Between An Epoxy Floor And Epoxy Floor Coating?

Ultimately, it is the thickness of the product on the floor that determines the distinction.

Epoxy flooring is comprised of many layers of epoxy that is at least two millimetres thick.

Epoxy floor coating is defined as an epoxy coating that is less than two millimetres in thickness.

What Are The Advantages Of Epoxy Floor Coatings?

Epoxy floor coatings transform concrete floors into a smooth and durable surface. They are commonly used for industrial floors as well as garages as it is highly resistant to chemicals such as oil and gas.

Epoxy flooring is attractive and is available in a variety of blends, colours, or as a clear sealer to give style to your concrete floor.


If you are looking for a system to keep your garage, warehouse, home interior, or office floors looking great and that will stand up to chemical spills or oil leaks from cars, epoxy flooring is the perfect option for you. This surface is resistant to stains and can be easily cleaned.

Quattro Contracting is proud to offer the installation of an epoxy flooring system for your garage. We are happy to provide you with a quote. Simply contact us and we’ll work out the details.