Concrete Levelling Garage Floors

If your garage is sinking, you need to do something about it as soon as possible. If you see a gap under the door, or if your "man door" sticks, you might have a sinking floor. Whether you have an attached or detached garage, it's important to keep your floor level. One of the best ways to lift a floor and protect it from further damage is to jack the slab using polyurethane foam injection. Our polyurethane foam injections work by supporting the garage slab, which can then be sealed and protected from water damage.


"Why is my garage sinking?"

Whether the garage is sinking to one side, improper soil preparation is the most common cause of a sinking slab. Voids can cause a slab to sink. A void is essentially a pocket of air between the ground and the slab. These pockets make the slab unstable and can cause it to sink. You can correct this by filling in the voids with more soil. Sinking also can be caused by an improperly installed floor. When the floor is put down on the ground, it is sometimes unevenly filled or not filled at all. To fix this, fill the holes with concrete and let it settle. Letting the concrete settle will ensure a level surface and eliminate sinking. We offer slab jacking and mudjacking alternatives to fix both attached and detached garages.

There are many reasons to raise a garage floor, and we're going to tell you some of the main problems that could be happening. In the end, it's much less costly to raise a garage floor as soon as sinking is detected. If you're unsure if your garage floor is sinking, give Quattro Contracting a call. We'll use a laser level to measure your floor and clear up any doubts you have about what's going on with your slab.