Boost your outdoor living space to the next level with Quattro Concrete. When patios settle, they typically sink towards the house. The settling can be so severe, the out edge can be forced upward resulting in a teetering effect. The will cause poor drainage, instability and potentially cracking the foundation. Our residential foundation repair experts can fix your sinking patio in no time! We have the most experience in concrete patio levelling and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 


"Why is my patio shifting?"

Concrete patios are trouble areas and typically require concrete levelling due to soil settling. When rainwater runs towards your home, the water saturates the soil near the foundation and the clay under the topsoil prevents the water from dispersing deeper into the ground. The result is that standing water can soak into the basement wall causing damage or evaporating in wet months. In winter, the water-saturated ground can freeze and create pressure against your foundation making it an expensive repair. We recommend raising your concrete pad which will push out any standing water away from your house!