Enjoy your pool again. Re-level that uneven concrete trip hazard in a couple of hours with the help of our quick, easy and affordable services.
Quattro Contracting is the best choice for concrete levelling in the industry, with polyurethane to give you that long-lasting shine. With our industry-leading warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can't go wrong! 


"Why is my pool's concrete shifting?"

If your in-ground pool is unlevel, shifting of the pool can cause the concrete deck around it to crack or lift. We offer a variety of repair options that are designed to keep your deck intact for years to come. Concrete is extremely heavy and if your lawn has any slope, the pool could shift and become "out of level." We didn't know what to make of it when we saw the slabs had shifted away from the pool. But after a little research, it turned out there was a 6" or more gap from the pool to the concrete slabs.