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Diagram showing a sunken slab being raised with HMI foam

What is Slab Raising?

Slab raising is a process that allows a sunken concrete slab to be releveled. The process involves pumping a substance, in our case lightweight polyurethane foam, under the slab to raise it back to level.

There are a number of reasons why concrete may settle over time:

  • Poor compaction of the area when the concrete was laid can lead to the slab sinking over time
  • Erosion can carry away the soil beneath the slab
  • Drought can cause some soils to shrink creating a void
  • In industrial settings, the presence of heavy machinery and even the vibrations from nearby highways can cause slabs to sink over time

No matter the reason for the settling the most cost-effective solution is slab raising.

How does it work?

We drill small holes, only ⅝ of an inch, and use a pump to inject polyurethane under the slab to raise it back to its original level. Because of the foam’s quick cure time the job only takes a few hours to complete leaving the area clean and ready to use again immediately afterward.

Three stage process: drill, pump, and patch.
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Where can it be used?

Foam can be used almost anywhere. Because of its hydrophobic qualities, it can even be used in underwater or wet environments. Polyurethane’s myriad applications make it a no-brainer for your next job!

Residential applications

Municipal Applications

  • Sidewalks
  • Bridge approach
  • Curb & Gutter
  • Roads, Streets, or Highways

Why Choose Polyurethane Slab Raising over other methods?

Raising concrete costs half as much as replacing it, and with fast setting polyurethane the job is done quickly and with a cleaner result than other methods.

  • Mudjacking uses heavy materials that can lead to your slab re-settling over time
  • Grinding leaves the aggregate in concrete exposed resulting in an ugly finished surface
  • Replacement is expensive, takes days, and makes a huge mess
  • If you do nothing you are putting your family, your staff, or your clients at risk of tripping and falling, while leaving yourself exposed to a huge liability.
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