Commercial Slab Fixing

Whether our services are needed for slab fixing a warehouse, parking garage, or factory floors, we can do our work and let you continue with yours in as little as a few hours.

Equipment and building repairs can have a serious negative impact on a business’s bottom-line. Uneven joints in floor slabs can damage forklifts, vehicles, and equipment that bang into these joints. On top of that, the equipment smacking into these joint doesn’t do the floor any favours either!

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Slab Fixing Saves Production Time

A benefit of our process is that the floor doesn’t need to be cut out and re-poured. Our crew can come to your location and raise the floor and your equipment can resume traveling over the area right after we leave.

Our slab raising option is not only far less expensive than replacing the floor section, but you won’t have to wait days to use the area again.

Also, why lose production of your work by having to wait for a contractor to finish a 2 or 3-day job while the area remains closed off to your people?

How Do I Know When To Call Quattro For Slab Fixing?

Is the floor showing signs of bouncing when equipment and vehicles drive over it? If so, this will lead to a damaged or collapsed slab eventually.

Let us fill the area under the slab with our strong, durable foam to eliminate the bouncing and keep the floor in its original strong condition.

More importantly, we have the ability to do the work using our dust management tools so that the interior of your building doesn’t get covered in dust and debris.

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Avoid Lawsuits Anywhere On Your Property

We are becoming a more litigious society, and sometimes, there are certain types of people that look for a reason to make some ‘easy’ money or have a workplace injury claim.

Tripping hazards, ice build-up in low spots, puddles, and so on, can lead to costs resulting from claims, higher WSIB rates, and legal fees.

Avoid these issues by solving concrete slab settlement issues with our slab raising solutions.

If you have a commercial property that requires slab fixing, contact Quattro today to have us come out for a quote or get your project scheduled.