Cottage Soil Stabilization Project Services

We received a call from a homeowner in cottage country that had part of their home foundation along the lake waterfront settle due to poor ground conditions below the foundation wall.  Our team went out and injected our expanding polyurethane foam BELOW the wall footings in order to stabilize the foundation and prevent future settlement.

The photos show our crew member driving the injection pipe into the ground to a depth just below the wall footing.  These pipes are placed in a pattern established by us based on our assessment of the existing structure layout and visible settlement.

We then inject our foam and monitor the structure for potential movement.  Movement means that we’ve stabilized the ground below the foundation to the point that the foam can actually start to raise the building.

This technique is commonly used in cases such as this, but also for stabilizing soft ground under roads, bridges, floor slabs, driveways, piers, behind retaining walls, and anywhere else soft ground or ground erosion causes movement of slabs, asphalt, retaining walls, and so on. Contact us to let us know how we can help your ground or soil stabilization project in Ontario.