Transportation Company Office Soil Stabilize and Slab Raise

A transportation company contacted us with a serious problem where an entire corner of their head office building had settled.  Apparently, during the construction of the building years back, the builder had constructed this corner on poor soil.

Our client had hired a pile contractor to dig around the outside of the building corner and installed helical piles and supports in an attempt to raise the foundation back to its original position.  While the contractor was able to install the piles and supports, they were unsuccessful at raising the foundation at all.

As a result of the foundation settlement, a section of the interior main floor slab on grade had also settled.  We were asked to stabilize the ground inside the building, beneath the floor slab that had settled.  We were also asked to raise the floor back to its original position.

The client had also hired an inspection company to monitor our work using a thermal imagery camera.  The photos provided show the heat below the slab at the injection points.  Heat is created during the foam expansion process.  The photos show the extent of the foam expansion around the injection point.

Within a matter of a few hours, our crew was able to stabilize the ground and raise the floor slab right back up to its original position, with no interruption to our client’s business operation.  In addition, the client was able to restore the furniture immediately upon completion of our work.

Upon further discussion of what our client had paid the piling contractor for the exterior foundation stabilizing, I had advised that if he had called us at the time, we would have been able to perform the same job of stabilizing the foundation for only 10% - 15% of what he had paid for the pile installation.

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