Deep Foamjection Services

Quattro Contracting provides Deep Foamjection services to stabilize the soil. The process involves injecting environmentally friendly foam under sunken concrete to lift and level.

What Is Deep Foamjection?

Deep Foamjection is the name of the process we use for soil stabilization. 

The Deep Foamjection system was created by the polyurethane manufacturer that we use to supply our polyurethane materials.

How Is Deep Foamjection Different From Slab Raising?

In Deep Foamjection, we inject the polyurethane foam deeper in the ground instead of right beneath the slab. 

By injecting the foam deeper, we fill in any empty voids in the ground that could eventually collapse in the future and cause a slab or foundation to sink. 

This process not only works for slabs, but also for building foundations, roads, paths, trenches, and so on.

Through Deep Foamjection, we are also able to permanently push away groundwater from the injected area, which helps to further stabilize the ground. 

This can be very helpful in areas where groundwater may freeze/thaw and causing ground heaving and where groundwater weakens the base below a structure.  


If you are looking for Deep Foamjection services, the Quattro Contracting team would be happy to provide you with a quote.

Please contact us for more details and to set up an appointment.

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