Ground Stabilization Project

Ground stabilization is a process that modifies the physical properties of soil to improve its strength and weight-bearing capability.

Recently we had the pleasure of working with the Peel Region Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Ground Stabilization Problem

A concrete slab was used as a base for steel supports that hold and stabilize a section of above-ground natural gas main piping and valves. 

Due to a nearby water main leak, the ground on one side of the slab had settled about 8 inches. This caused the steel supports to fall away from the piping and valves, leaving the gas line in danger of collapsing under its own weight.

ground stabilization image 01

Evaluating The Ground Stabilization Site

The option to remove the replace the existing slab would take days. That would involve a process to build up the earth in the area, and then rebuild the slab.  The Quattro Contracting crew would have had to use jackhammers and construction equipment to break apart the current slab. 

While the reconstruction was happening, the gas line would have to be temporarily supported and monitored the entire time. There was also a chance that the line could have been struck by a piece of equipment during the process.

ground stabilization image 02

The Ground Stabilization Solution

Instead of rebuilding, our crew was able to raise the pad back to its original position. This process took a few hours. We were also able to replace the supports under the gas line before the end of the day. 

We helped to fix a major safety issue in less than one day instead of the traditional option of slab replacement that could have taken days and possibly increased the likelihood of a dangerous gas leak or worker injury in the process.

ground stabilization image 03


We don’t just fix commercial ground stabilization issues, we also work with homeowners. Check out our case study, Raising Concrete Slabs, for a residential example of our work.

If you have a ground stabilization issue you would like us to investigate, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to work out how we can fix your problem.