Raising Concrete Slabs

In a recent post, Soil Stabilization Versus Slab Raising, we discussed what the different terms mean, which would be best for your project, and what products are used. Today we’re discussing raising concrete slabs and how we helped a client raise her 2-car, patterned concrete driveway.

Case Study: The Problem

Our customer found Quattro through our website. We provided an estimate to raise the driveway slab that had settled as much as 3 inches at one end from the garage entrance.

raising concrete slabs 01

The client was worried the slab would eventually start to crack. There was also the problem that when driving their car into the garage. They would slowly drive up to the 3-inch lip in front of the garage door, accelerate the car up and over the lip into the garage, and then slam on the brakes to slow the car down before driving into through the back wall of the garage.

Case Study: The Fix

We were hired and solved the problem by using our quality polyurethane material and state of the art equipment. The process involved raising the driveway back up to its original position. Best of all, you could hardly tell that we were even there.

raising concrete slabs 04

All we did was drill some holes just about half an inch big in key spots across the settled areas of the driveway in order to inject our foam under the slabs. 

Once we raised it using the expanding foam, we patched each hole using our colour-matching structural grout and the job was done. All within a few hours.

Our customer was very happy with the results and we were happy that we could help. 

Do You Need Help Raising Concrete Slabs?

Don’t wait until your concrete slab has settled 2, 3, or even 4 inches before addressing the problem.  If you wait, you run the risk of introducing more serious problems, such as:

  • cracks in the slab during settlement
  • water ponding causing basement leaks
  • accelerated settlement of your slab due to erosion or softening of the ground from the ponding water
  • the cost of raising the slab could possibly go as high as replacing it

If your concrete slab starts to show signs of settling, even as little as half an inch, then call us right away. We are happy to come out and discuss how we can help you by raising your slab back to its original position, along with caulking the joints and cracks to prevent water from penetrating below the slab and causing further settlement.

Not Just Driveways

We don’t just raise driveways. We can also raise your concrete: patio, stairs, sidewalk, path, garage floor, basement floor, warehouse floor, foundations, and more.

Call or email us and send over some photos of your settled concrete.  Let us see if we can help you too.

Quattro, your concrete lifters.