Soil Stabilization Versus Slab Raising

The team at Quattro are soil stabilization contractors who assist our clients to best solve their sinking slab issues.

Soil stabilization alters soils to enhance their physical properties. The stabilization process can increase a soil’s strength, thus improving its load bearing capacity to support foundations and pavements.

Slab raising is a common term for lifting sunken or settled concrete. To do so, we pump a grout through the concrete and pushing it up from below. The process is also referred to as slab jacking or pressure grouting.

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How Do I Know If I’m Looking For Slab Raising Or Soil Stabilization Contractors?

Simply put, soil stabilization is best suited when a client wants to prevent future ground settlement that would result in the sinking of a slab, foundation, road, structure, and so on.  Where slab raising, or Deep Foamjection, is used when a slab or structure has settled and needs to be lifted back into its original position.

What Is Deep Foamjection?

Deep Foamjection is considered an “upgrade to standard concrete raising, Deep Foamjection is the process of installing foam deeper to increase the load-bearing capacity of the soils.” (source)

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Is It Possible To Need Both?

Absolutely! In cases where a slab or foundation has settled, there is still the possibility that it could continue to settle.  That is where we both stabilize the soft ground, and then raise the slab or foundation back to its original position.

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At Quattro Contracting, we are soil stabilization contractors who support surfaces with slab raising technology. If you’re noticing a shift in your concrete slabs, give us a call to help stabilize it today.