Soil Stabilization

A Permanent Fix

A diagram showing injection depths for the soil stabilization process

What is Soil Stabilization?

Through a process known as Deep Foamjection we can not only raise your slab but stabilize the soil deep beneath it once and for all. For areas that may resettle over time due to unstable subgrade, Deep Foamjection offers a permanent fix to stop erosion and resettling in their tracks. 

Benefits of Deep Foamjection

  • The foam expands into voids in the soil, filling weak spots and strengthening the subgrade for a better foundation
  • The permanent increase to the load-bearing capacity of the soil provided by this method means no resettling!
  • Our foam is environmentally friendly. It doesn't leech toxins into the groundwater.

No More Sinking Slabs

Deep Foamjection is the best way to guarantee that any concrete slab will stay put permanently. By performing a soil survey we can find out how best to inject our foam to ensure the ground beneath you won't continue to erode further causing your slab to sink more over time. Follow the link below to find out why our foam is the right choice for your next project.

Nature Knows Best!

Just as trees that develop root systems help stabilize soil, Deep foamjection creates an artificial root system that binds the soil to stop erosion.