Exterior Concrete Repair Services

Quattro Contracting regularly evaluates existing exterior surfaces that are in need of concrete repair for both residential and commercial structures.

The Concrete Repair Problem

Recently we went out on a call where the existing exterior concrete had reinforcing steel that had corroded and spalled the concrete from the inside over the years of exposure to the outdoor elements.

concrete repair image 02

The Quattro team went in and chipped away all the damaged concrete.

We then replaced the corroded and exposed reinforcing steel with new steel.

We also replaced the concrete with a combination of either new concrete or special concrete mixes containing strength gaining and additives. This ensured proper bonding to the existing concrete and corrosion protection measures with the product itself.

At the completion of all the concrete repairs, we then added a parged cement mix to the surface of the exposed concrete walls and curb to provide a consistent coloured façade across the entire foundation.

concrete repair image 05


Before you begin a concrete repair project, it’s important to first identify what caused the problem in the first place. Only then can you make an intelligent decision on how to do the repair.

For each of the projects we work on, the Quattro Contracting team will remove any unstable concrete and then build a repair designed to solve the problem.

In addition to today’s case study on concrete repair jobs, we also repair foundation cracks. You can read more about those services in our Why Choose Quattro for Your Foundation Crack Repairs? blog post.