Warehouse Concrete Slab Repair Service

Cracks happen at every facility eventually. Quattro Contracting’s concrete slab repair services are quick. We also work outside your busy hours to ensure the day-to-day operations continue with minimal interruptions.

Client Warehouse Concrete Slab Problem

Our client called to complain that their warehouse floor had long running crack down the middle of every aisle. 

When their forklifts would travel down the aisle, they would hear hollow thuds from the slab when the wheels bumped the crack locations. This is a clear indication the ground has settled under the slab. 

The insufficient support under the slabs caused the slab to crack from the years of heavy traffic moving down the isles. 

concrete slab repair image

Three Steps For Industrial Concrete Slab Repair

Quattro Contracting uses a reliable, effective, and efficient solution to repair concrete in warehouses.

In process is straightforward. We begin by removing loose material from the cracked area.

We then inject our polyurethane foam under the slab along the crack lines.  The foam sets up in minutes and eliminates the void directly below the weakened slab areas. 

The repair is now ready for paint or an epoxy floor coating, if necessary. Read more about our Epoxy Flooring Services.

Our Concrete Slab Jacking Repair Solution

The Quattro Contracting crew went in during the warehouse’s off-hours and followed the process we just described above.

Our client was thrilled with the results. We saved the slabs from more serious problems if left unfixed. 


Quattro Contracting makes concrete slab repairs to commercial, residential, and industrial floors in Southwestern Ontario so you can get back to work faster.

If you have concrete cracks in your office, commercial warehouse, garage, or building, we can help ensure the cracks are filled in to keep your workers safe.

We can seal the cracks with a durable compound after the polyurethane injection, if you choose, as well.

Contact us for more information on how we can assist you with your concrete slab repair needs.