Concrete Repair Experts

Seal Leaks For Good

We can repair your basement leaks from inside all year around.  Our work doesn't stop because the ground is frozen, or it's too cold outside.  And you won't pay more compared to a contractor that has to work in the colder winter weather, which costs much more to do and slows down the work.

What is Concrete Crack Injection?

When our experts see water leaking through your concrete slab or water gushing out from a concrete wall or floor, the quickest and most effective solution is to do an injection with our standard polyurethane resin. Polyurethane concrete crack injection is a process that injects a polyurethane resin into the concrete through a crack or hole in the slab. The polyurethane resin hardens and fills the crack, protecting the concrete from water and other substances that would weaken it. Polyurethane concrete crack injection is a great way to fix cracks in your concrete, and it’s also a less costly solution than replacing your entire slab. So Don't let your basement keep flooding. Call us today!

Why Use Polyurethane?

Polyurethane crack injection is perfect for leak sealing. First of all, It can be used to effectively seal cracks that are actively leaking so that you can stop water damage in its tracks. Not to mention the resin can expand to fill voids that are invisible to the eye, preventing future leaks before they've even started.  If you need to repair cracks in your concrete foundation or floor then Polyurethane is the right choice for you.

Our foam has incredible benefits across many applications to help keep your home in tip-top shape. Click below to see what else Polyurethane can do for you.

We Do The Job Right

After having another crack injection company in twice to stop concrete leaks at the bottom of an elevator shaft, a large general contractor contacted us to get in and fix the problem permanently so as to not delay the schedule for their construction project.  Our crew went in, and in that single trip, we injected the entire shaft and stopped all the leaking for good.

Our Work Comes With a

  • It's Cost Effective

    Polyurethane crack injection is the most long term, reliable, and cost effective method of stopping leaks from INSIDE the home.  This eliminates the costly need to work from the outside and having to dig up your patio, paths, and gardens.

  • We don't skip steps!

    There are multiple steps required to properly repair your foundation wall and we do all of them!  When your basement wall starts to leak, it can also carry in dirt from outside.  Our method of repair includes properly flushing and cleaning the crack prior to injecting it with the polyurethane resin.

  • See For Yourself

    We invite our clients to watch and ask questions:  It's your home and you want to know that the job is being done right.  Our staff will describe each step of the process and will answer questions that you may have. We'll even demonstrate to you that our resin has filled the entire depth of the crack from inside to outside:  If any part of the crack being repaired is visible from the outside, we'll show you that the resin has penetrated all the way through the wall by showing it to you on the exterior face of the wall.

  • No Lengthy Cleanup

    We use dust and water collection tools to keep your home clean.