Municipal Soil Stabilization

Deep Foam Concrete Injection. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic!

About Deep Foam Concrete Injection

If you have concerns your town's municipal buildings might be sinking, we can help! We use a deep foam injection process to stabilize the soil beneath the building's foundation slab. Our deep foam concrete injection fills in any holes beneath the slab and helps to ensure it is level and won't continue to sink over time. This process is also great for unlevel sidewalks and unlevel roads or highways, which can be a potential liability. We do a soil survey to identify the best injection strategy for your concrete project. If we see signs of erosion, we can help you find ways to prevent further degradation from happening. Quattro Contracting is insured and certified. We strive to provide customer satisfaction and offer free estimates competitive industry pricing.

What are the benefits of deep polyurethane foam injection?

Our deep foam injection process is non-invasive, so our contractors will be able to complete the work with minimal disruptions and mess. It is made in part from recycled materials, so it is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It is one of the best methods to raise the foundation of your municipal building or roads.