Concrete Tripping Hazard Fixing. Why Is It Important?

Don’t wait until your concrete slab has settled 2, 3, or even 4 inches before addressing the problem.  You run the risk of introducing more serious problems, such as:
  • cracks in the slab during settlement
  • water ponding causing basement leaks
  • accelerated settlement of your slab due to erosion or softening of the ground from the ponding water
  • the cost of raising the slab could possibly go as high as replacing it
If your concrete slab starts to show signs of settling, even as little as half an inch, then call us right away!  We will be happy to come out and discuss how we can help you by raising your slab back to its original position, along with caulking the joints and cracks to prevent water from penetrating below the slab and causing further settlement.
We don’t just raise driveways with slab raising!  We can also raise your concrete: patio, stairs, sidewalk, path, garage floor, basement floor, warehouse floor, foundations, and more!!
Call or email us now to fix you tripping hazards.

A driveway after being leveled with polyurethane slab raising A sunken driveway before being leveled with slab raising.